Here is a short quiz to support the resources provided on this website.  The answers are provided with explanations at the end of the quiz. 

External Quiz

There are several quizzes related to visual impairment that are quick to do and even fun, testing knowledge, eye sight and looking at the impact of visual impairment.

TAFN logoThere is a knowledge test is provided by the Accessible Friends Network (TAFN) and is a simple text based check box test with results that may surprise that may surprise you. 


Try rearranging the colours in this test to find out more about colour blindness or colour deficiency

colour arrangement test

AFB logoHow much do you know about Braille - the Fun Trivia test has a few questions and then there is a simple way of seeing single words in Braille. This has been made by the American Foundation for the Blind so there may be some minor differences with UK Braille. It is possible to change the colour or the text on the background to high contrast mode.

Not a quiz but a way to understand the impact of of different levels of magnification when reading provided by VisionAid


RNIB Eye health quizRNIB Eye health quiz - Sight is the sense people fear losing the most, yet many of us don't know the best way to look after our eyes. Take the RNIB quiz to see how much you really know about sight loss.