Anticipatory Approach to teaching and learning

The Equality Challenge Unit Managing Reasonable Adjustments in Higher Education Report  provides the following statement with regards to "Making the case for an anticipatory approach"

"The revised version of the Quality Assurance Agency’s code of practice for disabled students (QAA, 2010) states that to meet legislative requirements successfully, an HEI needs to have an ethos that embraces diversity, as well as senior managers who demonstrate a commitment to resourcing the disability equality agenda and take an active interest in accessibility. The QAA additionally proposes that institutions make consideration of the entitlements of disabled students and staff a core element of institutional practice relating to all decision-making activities.
The Statutory Code of Practice for Post-16 Education Providers (DRC, 2006a - revised 2010) encourages institutions to take a strategic approach to the provision of reasonable adjustments."  The following pages provide useful advice:
  • Planning ahead - page 18
  • Auditing policies and procedures - page 19
  • Teaching and learning - page 161
  • Assignments and assessments - page 165 canada viagra online
  • Vivas, Orals and Presentations - page 175
  • Practicals- page 175
  • Work based assessments - page 177


A disabled student who is visually impaired and uses screen reading software is assessed in the office environment in which he is working as part of his qualification in administration. The course provider discusses with the student and the assessors the way to ensure that the assessment is fair and takes account of the screen reading software that the student uses.