Student experiences

Students with visual impairments describe the way they manage their studies


EmmaEmma Rowlett wrote this article for Accessibility in MSOR in 2008 as a first person account of her experiences of having sat in on the first five weeks of a foundation maths course to see how she would handle maths given that she is visually impaired.

Full story: Accessibility in MSOR: one student’s personal experience (PDF download)


MichaelA first person account for MSOR Connections (2007) by Michael Whapples about 'Obtaining Braille mathematical documents'.  Michael completed a physics degree at Nottingham University. He discusses the challenges of trying to find suitable written physics materials that he can read, and the approaches used to overcome these challenges.

Full story: Obtaining Braille mathematical documents (PDF download)

Michael provides a video

Michael describes how he uses Braille with Maths.  He has put together a toolkit of technologies that assist him with many aspects of his course, but he admits that not all the technologies offer a complete solution. 

In the video Michael provides a very clear explanation of how the linear nature of Braille impacts on presentation of science based symbols.  He goes on to talk about the software programs used to access his course. The video is quite long but a remarkable explanation of how Michael accesses his course. 



Robbie My name is Robbie and I am blind. I have been using computers for several years and consider myself "computer-proficient". I access the computer via a combination of speech output (Jaws for Windows™) and a dynamic Braille display. I am presently enrolled in the Computer Programming program at the local community college.


Sam is studying Live and Studio Sound

Sam is in the second year of his degree and has put together a collection of software applications and hardware devices to support him in his work.   Sam could be described as a power user of technology he is very aware of what suits his needs and is not only a screen reader user but also reads braille.